At Vegas Valley Evictions, we offer a comprehensive range of eviction services to help landlords and property managers navigate the eviction process. Our services include:

Eviction Notice Preparation & Service:
We prepare and serve eviction notices to tenants, ensuring that the process is handled correctly and legally.

Summary Eviction Filings:
We file the necessary paperwork for summary evictions, either resulting in a court hearing date or an eviction order.

Formal Evictions: We handle formal evictions, this process is necessary when a landlord purchases a home at a foreclosure auction or tenant/occupant claims an ownership interest in the home, or a rent-to-own agreement is executed with the tenant.

Cash for Keys Negotiations:
We negotiate with tenants to persuade them to vacate the property in exchange for a small sum of money or extra time to live in the property.

Tenant / Landlord Mediation:
We act as a mediator between landlords and tenants in order to resolve disputes and avoid eviction.

Court Hearing Representation:
We represent landlords in court, ensuring that their interests are protected. 

Occupancy Checks: We conduct an exterior visual examination to determine whether the tenant is still residing in the property or if they have vacated before submitting any eviction petition to the court. 

Constable Lockout Scheduling:
We coordinate with the constable to perform a lockout, which is the final step in the eviction process.

Lock Changes:
We arrange our trusted vendor to perform the lock change at the property.

Our services allow landlords and property managers to choose the specific service they need and ensure their interests are protected throughout the eviction process.


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