Additional Services

Cash for Keys Negotiations

When a property is bought through auction or any other source, the previous owner/tenant may not be prepared or flat out does not want to move. We specialize in cash for keys negotiation in order to have them move as soon as possible, while saving the investor as much money as possible. We have a proven record of successfully having the property vacated for a usually very small amount offered by the investor. We will take before and after pics of the property, have the cash for keys agreement signed as well as the receipt signed by the previous owner/tenant upon successful vacating. We are very strict about property condition and times frames with the current occupant we are negotiating with..You let us know what terms to work with and we will make it happen!


Property Inventory

When a tenant has vacated a property and left their belongings behind, Vegas Valley Evictions provides a property inventory service. This includes video, still pictures, and a written report of all items left in and around the property. This is done prior to removing personal property and putting it in storage (see more about personal property laws, storage under the LINKS tab). This process also serves to keep track of what is in or around the premises while waiting 30 days to dispose of it, if the storage option is not chosen. This keeps the landlord safe from personal property liability..


Moving & Storage Services

Vegas Valley Evictions offers a moving and storage service to landlords who either want a tenant's personal property removed after lockout or after 30 day waiting period. We make it fast and easy to get everything out and ready for clean up and back onto the rental market again. Click on the LINKS tab to get more info regarding the laws on personal property left by tenants. 

Trash Out / Clean Up Services

After successful eviction, Vegas Valley Evictions offers a trash-out/clean-up service at VERY competitive rates. We will have all trash removed from the property inside and out. It is then professionally cleaned. If any type of rehab is needed, we provide that too! Learn more under the rehab section below.


Rehab / Remodel

Vegas Valley Evictions works with a small group of contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured and offer extremely competitive rates for our clients. Absolutley no job is too big or small. We do more than simply sub out the work. Vegas Valley Evictions proactively oversees the work being done by the contractors. 


Leasing Services

Vegas Valley Evictions offers  help to investors and landlords leasing out their properties. When a property is bought at auction or from any other source, often investors are interested in having the current occupant stay in the property. We will negotiate and have a lease agreement signed for the investor according to the terms we are given to work with.


Collection of Back Rent / Judgments

If you have evicted a tenant for nonpayment of rent or the tenant damaged your property, you will need to act QUICKLY to try and recover damages. Do not let the situation go on too long unaddressed, you have a much better chance to collect early on. A complaint will be filed in small claims court to get a money judgment for back rent & damages against the tenant. Vegas Valley Evictions will prepare, file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Once you get the judgment, we will follow up with writs for wage garnishment and/or property liens.


Sale of Properties

Vegas Valley Evictions can take you all the way to resale! We have a licensed real estate broker on staff who specializes in investor owned properties. We also have a long list of buyers at any given time looking to purchase. Often a property is sold before it is even listed or advertised.

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