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Cash for Keys Negotiations

Cash for keys negotiations is a tactic that involves offering a monetary incentive to previous owners or tenants to vacate a property in a timely manner. This method is commonly used when a property is purchased at auction or through other means and the previous occupants are not willing or ready to move out.
At Vegas Valley Evictions, we have extensive experience in cash for keys negotiations and have a proven record of successfully vacating properties using this strategy. Our goal is to help investors save money while still efficiently and effectively vacating the property.


Property Inventory

Vegas Valley Evictions offers a property inventory service for landlords and property managers when a tenant has vacated a property and left their belongings behind. The service includes video recording, still photographs, and a written report of all items left in and around the property. This is done before removing personal property and putting it in storage, in compliance with personal property laws. The property inventory process also serves as a means of keeping track of what is in or around the premises while waiting 30 days to dispose of it, if the storage option is not chosen. This protects the landlord from personal property liability.


Moving & Storage Services 

Vegas Valley Evictions provides landlords and property managers with a moving and storage service for personal property left behind by tenants after lockout or after the 30-day waiting period. Our service makes it efficient and effortless to remove the personal property and prepare the property for cleaning and re-renting. For more information about the laws on personal property left by tenants, please visit the LINKS tab on our website.

Trash Out / Clean Up Services

Following a successful eviction, Vegas Valley Evictions offers a comprehensive trash-out/clean-up service at highly competitive rates. Our service includes the removal of all trash from the interior and exterior of the property and professional cleaning. If any rehabilitation work is needed, our licensed contractors are able to assist.


Rehab / Remodel

Vegas Valley Evictions partners with a select group of contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured and offer extremely competitive rates for our clients. We handle projects of all sizes and complexity. We don't just subcontract the work, we actively supervise the contractors to ensure the work is done to our high standards and to the satisfaction of our clients.


Leasing Services

egas Valley Evictions' sister company, First Full Service Realty, provides assistance to investors and landlords with rental properties. Whether a property is purchased at auction or a tenant has recently vacated the property, and a replacement tenant is needed, our team will negotiate and draft a lease agreement that meets the investors' specific terms and conditions.


Collection of Back Rent / Judgments

If you have evicted a tenant for non-payment of rent or for causing damage to your property, it is important to take swift action to try and recover any damages. Acting promptly increases your chances of success. Vegas Valley Evictions can help you file a complaint in small claims court to obtain a monetary judgment for back rent and damages against the tenant. We will handle all necessary paperwork and filing on your behalf. With the judgment in hand, you may be able to garnish wages or bank accounts.


Sale of Properties

Vegas Valley Evictions offers comprehensive services to assist you in every aspect of property ownership, including resale. We have a licensed real estate agent on staff who specializes in properties owned by investors. We also have a wide network of potential buyers, which means that a property can often be sold before it is even listed or advertised. With our help, you can rest assured that you're getting the best deal on your property, and that the whole process will be handled efficiently and professionally.

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